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Is there any tools for GUI Test Automation for Internet Explorer? I already use Selenium for Mozilla Firefox, but I also need a tool for IE.

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Selenium Web Driver is the successor to Selenium RC.

So the answer is still to use Selenium in some form. That could be any of the supported frameworks.

Personally I'd use Protractor (useful for more than just Angular apps) or Leadfoot (from the project).


If you're already using Selenium, I'd use Selenium Remote Control

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There is WatiN. I have had decent success using it with IE.

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You can also use the automated UI testing facilities of Microsoft Test Manager, which is part of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Check

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You can still use selenium for IE Explorer. I don't know if there is a plugin, but that shouldn't stop you. You'll get a lot of benifit from using the same tool to test on all browsers, so I would think you would be better served to learn how to use selenium with IE Explorer rather than trying to re-implement all your tests in another tool

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TestPlan can use the Selenium backend and works with both FireFox and Internet Explorer. It can also work with a display-less browser (HTMLUnit) so you can code your basic tests quickly and not suffer the loading overhead of the browser. Once it basically works you test it against the browser.

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You may be after something like this: (currently in beta)

Its an IE port of phantomjs for running Headless UI tests... basically an alternative to WebDriver but using javascript files instead of Java/NET compiled code.

If you combine TrifleJS (IE), PhantomJS (Webkit: Chrome + Safari) and SlimerJS (Firefox) you can run headless tests in all common browser environments using the same test scripts and API.

enter image description here

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There are several GUI Test Automation tools for web application that run on IE. A few examples are Rational Functional Tester, Etester and QTP.

If you are looking for something open source there look here

Not sure about any add on plugin tool like selenium that is available for IE.

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I've had good luck with watir, it's similar to selenium but is scripted in ruby. It's IE integration is excellent. There's also firewatir for firefox.

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We have good expierences with iMacros Scripting Edition. There are versions for Firefox, Chrome and IE. The basic brower addons are free and work very well for regression and performance testing.

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Try coding in AutoIt this is powerfull language easy to learn. IE UDF is here

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