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I'd like to apply this css to the search box while it is fetching the XML file. Currently it takes ~3 seconds to load this file.

I see in the autocomplete.js file these two functions:

    _search: function( value ) {
    this.term = this.element
        .addClass( "ui-autocomplete-loading" )
        // always save the actual value, not the one passed as an argument

    this.source( { term: value }, this.response );

_response: function( content ) {
    if ( content.length ) {
        content = this._normalize( content );
        this._suggest( content );
        this._trigger( "open" );
    } else {
    this.element.removeClass( "ui-autocomplete-loading" );

I'm just not sure how and where to trigger that in my code.


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$("#name").addClass( "ui-autocomplete-loading" );

did it and .removeclass removes it

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