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Client purchased a code-signing certificate, and it came with a .pvk file and a .spc file. I am familiar with the .pvk file, but Visual Studio doesn't recognize the .spc file.

When I try to load the .spc file as the ClickOnce Certificate, a message box says "The selected file does not contain a private key. You must choose a certificate that contains a private key."

Did the client buy the wrong thing, or am I not in the right spot?

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Google is your friend.


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This tutorial doesn't fill you in 100%, a few more googles will find the full answer, but for simplicity's sake, here it is: there are two other flags you need to call when exporting to the pfx file: pvkimprt -import –pfx c:\codesign\mycert.spc c:\codesign\mycert.pvk –  Jeremy Boyd Oct 7 '10 at 13:33
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