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My teenage step-daughter is autistic, and tends to want to run away from school, leisure-club and sometimes even from home. This is very bad for her safety, and a great concern for us.

I am looking for a way to track her, so we can find her again when she runs away.

Here is my ideal (possibly unrealistic) scenario:

  • Tiny GPS device with GSM/GPRS
  • Can be woken up via sms when needed (so battery will last longer)
  • When activated, spins up GPS + Data connection and starts hitting a predefined URL with device ID and long+lat every 15 seconds
  • Battery life 7 days on standby (ie. when never activated)
  • Can be disabled put back to sleep via sms

I have googled and researched this for a while, but have yet to find a device that fits these requirements.

The solution could also be a mobile phone of some sort, that I can lock down.

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[AT&T FamilyMap][1] looks like it does what you want. Don't lock the phone down too much, you want her to have a reason to carry it. They don't like to admit it, but if you call AT&T customer service they can completely prevent the phone from connecting to the internet while still allowing text messaging (you do loose MMS capability). That's how I have my son's set up. [1]: familymap.wireless.att.com/finder-att-family/welcome.htm –  Hugh Brackett Oct 1 '10 at 21:41
Oops. I see you aren't in the US. Check if your local carriers have something similar. –  Hugh Brackett Oct 1 '10 at 21:45

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You could do most of that with any Android handset using prey


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