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Is there any possible way to play a .jpeg sequence using .flv player on-the-fly ? I mean, by not needing to convert the entire sequence into one single .flv ?

Since I´m not familiar with flash neither action script, I was surfing the web in hope to find any templete or tips about similar things to that but I couldn´t...

I will be very thankful if someone could point me in the right direction about scripting that though... here´s the main list of features:

1- browse button to load a sequence eg. < filename >####.jpeg

2- play button with a slider time

3- previous and next frame-by-frame buttons

4- fps slider from 0 to 30

My main reference is this stand app called Cyber-D´s Image Sequence Viewer

Any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance.

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there's no need to convert this into flv , you can create an image viewer by loading all your images into your flash movie and play them sequentially. check greensock.com for loading classes as well as tweening classes which you may need for transition/motion fx between jpgs.

you can look for tutorials about flash & xml. also there should be a lot of tutorials available on the web for flash image galleries.

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