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I'm looking for a free tool to merge all of my wpf application's assemblies into a single assembly. Usually, I use ILMerge, but unfortunately, it does not support merging WPF assemblies. Are there any tools out there which can achieve that?

A commercial tool is not an option for me because the application is an open source project.

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Oliver Hanappi

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Are you getting an error when trying to merge WPF assemblies? Those should still be .Net assemblies, which should make them usable to ILMerge. –  Hugo Oct 1 '10 at 22:28
@Hugo ILMerge doesn't know about BAML, so the resources are broken when you merge stuff. –  Paul Betts Oct 1 '10 at 22:36
Ah, good to know, thanks for the clarification Paul. There's my mandatory one new thing to learn for today! –  Hugo Oct 2 '10 at 14:22
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I see two relevant solutions:

  1. Implement your assembly resolution handling at runtime so ilmerge'd WPF assemblies do work: http://blog.mahop.net/post/Merge-WPF-Assemblies.aspx

  2. Use a product that supports it out of the box (Commercial, so not an option in the case below): http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1025843/merging-dlls-into-a-single-exe-with-wpf

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Costura can do this.

It embeds references as resources in the target assembly. Then at run time intercepts assembly load events and serves up the resource.


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