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I am developing iPad application,

  • A set of forms that user has to fill (roughly 500 text fields).
  • The form fields are displayed in a UITable view.
  • Once user fill the forms he/she can uploaded the data to the server.
  • Until its uploaded, the data should be persist in a temporary location in the local disk.

In my application design, I am using NSMutableDictionery, which is always being updated when the user updating the forms.

What is the best way to keep save NSMutableDictionery in the local disk. SQL Lite or PList ?


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If you are only ever saving one form at a time, a plist would be fine. If you would ever have the need to store multiple instances of the form and need to find them based on user-generated contents, using a more sophisticated storage mechanism like SQLite or CoreData would probably be more appropriate.

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