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i have this in the server:

class Person{...}


public class HelloServiceBean implements HelloServiceLocal, HelloServiceRemote {
    public Person getPerson(String name) {
        return new Person(name);

And i have this in my client (in some different JVM):

  public static void main(String[] a) throws Exception{
        String name = "java2s";
        HelloServiceRemote service = null;

        service = (HelloServiceRemote)new InitialContext().lookup("HelloServiceBean/remote");
        Person p = service.getPerson(name));

When i need to call, for example, getPerson() method from my EJB, which return an object of type of Person, how my client is going to understand that Person is a class ?

Do i have to re-write the Person class another time in my client (and also the HelloServiceRemote class), so it can understand what is a Person ? Or do i have to include the Ejb project into my client project ?

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You have to include jar of EJB project at client side containing Interfaces, Entities & other utility classes used.

But exposing Entity Beans at client side is not preferable, you can get more information regarding this at

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