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I played around with nokogiri in ruby and the XML searching feature, e.g.:

a = Nokogiri.XML(open 'a.xml')
x ='//div[@class="foo"]').text

which works quite nice.

But how can I specify to match the next (brother) element on the same level (and only the next)?

For example for this input:

  <div class="foo"></div>
  <div>EXTRACT ME</dev>

The actual input is some non-XHTML html, but so far Nokogiri.XML does not complain.

Btw, what filter syntax actually expects? xpath?

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I think you want XPath's following-sibling predicate.

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@maxshlepzig - you'll also want to look at the predicate section in to specify the first following-sibling. – Daniel Haley Oct 2 '10 at 9:28
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Taking the hint from Brian Agnew and DevNull I guess that actually expects xpath syntax and using the following-sibling predicate the following expression matches what was asked:

a ='//div[@class="foo"]/following-sibling::div[1]')
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