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I need a database of Countries and their Cities.

any idea where i can get it. or any one can share it with me ?

Like this http://www.worldcitiesdatabase.com/world-cities.aspx

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There are quite a few available.

The following has database for 2,401,039 cities


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thanks a lot :D its not an over kill :D –  Harsha M V Oct 2 '10 at 9:08

From all my searching around I strongly say that the most practical, accurate and free data source is provided by http://geonames.org.

You can access their data in 2 ways, 1. The easy way through their free web services. 2. Import their free text files into Database tables and use the data in any way you wish. This method offers much greater flexibility and have found that this method is better.

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Go through this link http://www.maxmind.com/en/worldcities

It Includes the following fields:

  1. Country Code
  2. ASCII City Name
  3. City Name
  4. Region
  5. Population
  6. Latitude (The latitude and longitude are near the center of the most granular location value returned: postal code, city, region, or country)
  7. Longitude
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Check this out:

Cities of the world database donated by MaxMind.com

The company MaxMind.com1 has agreed to release their cities of the world database under the GPL. The database contains locations by country, city, latitude and longitude. There are over 3,047,000 records in the database. For those of you who have tried the location.module with the zipcodes database from CivicSpace, you will recognize how cool it is and how well this fits with that project and therefore Drupal.

Here's another free one that might help you get started.

Creating and maintaining such a database is quite a bit of work - so anyone who's done it is likely keeping it to themselves, or offering it for a fee.

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thats neat. only problem is how to get around getting the country names into that. they just have abrev :( –  Harsha M V Oct 2 '10 at 8:54
Well, it's free and thus could be a starting point. Based on the abbrev., you should have no trouble finding the country names for those 200 countries or so and add them to your database table... –  marc_s Oct 2 '10 at 8:59
cool. guess.. makes sense :D –  Harsha M V Oct 2 '10 at 9:01

http://cldr.unicode.org/ - ommon standerd multilanguage database include country list and other localizable data.

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Thank you buddy :) –  Harsha M V Feb 8 '11 at 12:39
Question about cities with global permanent ID and localized names is open :( I can't find solution. I plan maintain own application codelist with user contribution. –  Kuvalda.Spb.Ru Feb 8 '11 at 15:36
ipinfodb.com/ip_database.php - free community supported geo ip database. Include list of cities with latin names. MaxMind use this database as source. –  Kuvalda.Spb.Ru Feb 8 '11 at 15:58

Have a look at WorldCitiesDatabase.Info Depending on what you need the database for, it may be the ideal solution. This one was designed for all sorts of multi-level location selector scripts, and so only contains a manageable amount of entries that would not stall the browser.

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Open World Database alpha

This database has multi languages country names, region names, city names and they's latitude and longitude number and country's alpha2 code .

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You can use database from here -


CREATE TABLE `cities` (
  `cityID` mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `cityName` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
  `stateID` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `countryID` varchar(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `language` varchar(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `latitude` double NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `longitude` double NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  PRIMARY KEY (`cityID`),
  UNIQUE KEY `unq` (`countryID`,`stateID`,`cityID`),
  KEY `cityName` (`cityName`),
  KEY `stateID` (`stateID`),
  KEY `countryID` (`countryID`),
  KEY `latitude` (`latitude`),
  KEY `longitude` (`longitude`)
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I was comparing worldcitiesdatabae.info with www.worldcitiesdatabase.com and it appears the latter one to be more resourceful. However, maxmind has a free database so then why buy a cities database. Just get the free one and there is lot of help available on internet about maxmind db. If you put in extra efforts then you can save those few bucks :)

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have a cities of the world CSV dataset compiled from the USGS GNIS Server (US) and US NGA GNS Server (non-US), that I have placed into the public domain. Below is a link and metadata of the layout.

Column 1: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.
Column 2: US FIPS 5-2 1st level administrative division code (e.g., state/province).
Column 3: NGA GNS Feature Description (DSG) code.
Column 4: NGA GNS Unique Feature Identifier (UFI).
Column 5: ISO 639-1 alpha-2/3 code for language corresponding to the feature name.
Column 6: Language script (e.g., latin, arabic, chinese, etc) corresponding to the feature name.
Column 7: Feature name.
Column 8: Latitude coordinate of the area centroid.
Column 9: Longitude coordinate of the area centroid.


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