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Despite reading lots of other posts regarding GIT and moved files I still struggle to understand how to trace the full history. Doing gitk myfile as suggested here seems to only show history until the previous move. I understand that GIT doesn't track files, only their content. So surely I should be able to view the full evolution of a file, even if it's been moved?

Can anyone direct me to a good yet simple example/tutorial?

I'd like to see an example where some files are moved around, changed and committed, then the history of a single file is displayed, moves and all. I've been looking at 'log' but that seems to concern checkins. Would still appreciate some advice, even if its says I'm somehow still thinking too much SVN.

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Try using the --follow option to git log:

git log --follow file.txt
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Note that currently the --follow mechanism is bolted-on, and doesn't work in some corner-cases. – Jakub Narębski Oct 4 '10 at 0:42

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