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i didn't know what's meaning of memory database,dose sqlite is a memory database? on this mode,is it support persistence data to local file?

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An in-memory database supports all operations and database access syntax, but doesn't actually persist; it's just data structures in memory. This makes it fast, and great for developer experimentation and (relatively small amounts of) temporary data, but isn't suited to anything where you want the data to persist (it's persisting the data that really costs, yet that's the #1 reason for using a database) or where the overall dataset is larger than you can comfortably fit in your available physical memory.

SQLite databases are created coupled to a particular file, or to the pseudo-file “:memory:” which is used when you're wanting an in-memory database. You can't change the location of a database while it is open, and an in-memory database is disposed when you close its connection; the only way to persist it is to use queries to pull data out of it and write it to somewhere else (e.g., an on-disk database, or some kind of dump file).

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