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I have a CSS border on the HTML tag of my site, when I viewed it on the iPhone it didn't respect the border as part of the width and some of the div's overlap as oppose to having a 10px gap between content and the sides of the screen. I used the meta viewport tag

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=auto">

and this worked well as it now all lines up perfectly, however when I view the site in landscape mode the site is not centered, it starts off left aligned so you only see half the site until you scroll across.

How can I center the layout of the site when it is viewed in landscape mode?

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Given that this question is now a little 'old' not sure if you solved your problem, but this link may help others. It helped me.

I've recently been looking at meta-viewport and came across this website article.

The Viewport meta-tag

Basically, dont use "width=device-width".
Instead just use "initial-scale" values.

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