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I'm new to OOPS, Can you guys suggest me which way is better to call a function of a class in PHP and why? the scenario is as follows.

class A
     function B (){}

Which method will take less resource to call the function B

1. A::B();


2. $obj = new A();  
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You should not ask the question which one takes less resources in regards to static / non-static methods (and it would be micro-optimalisation if anything). It should be clear from the function: does the function operate on an object, alter the object, need object variables? Then it's probably a non-static. Does the function need no references to an instance? Then it could be a static. –  Wrikken Oct 2 '10 at 12:42

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Well, the second way creates an unnecessary temporary object, so the first one is faster. But if you have an object created anyway, it wouldn't matter.

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