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This is in my Javascript:

function doSomething(fieldActions) {
var Actions = fieldActions;

$(this).hide(); }

This is in my HTML:

<a onclick="doSomething('#date-actions');">edit</a>

The parameter needs to affect and DIV field. The ID of this field can be variable and there can be multiple on a page, so that's why I need to give the specific field it affects on. The parameter "#date-actions" is an example of what a DIV field could be called that it is calling to.

My error in firebug:

doSomething is not defined
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Currently wherever doSomething is defined it's not a globally accessible function, for example if it's inside a document.ready handler it's only accessible inside there. You would need to expose the scope...but even then this wouldn't refer to what you wanted inside the function.

A better approach to solve both issues would be to use the href property of the link itself, like this:

 <a class="edit" href="#date-actions">edit</a>

Then by giving it a class, like in the above example, you can bind all those links on document.ready like this:

$(function() {
  $("a.edit").click(function(e) {

If they're added dynamically just change the bind from $("a.edit").click(function(e) { to $("a.edit").live("click", function(e) {.

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Thanks Nick. But what should I do if I have more parameters to pass? – user260157 Oct 2 '10 at 13:21
@user260157 -Can you give an example? you can do data-show="#thing1, #thing2, #thing3" as a multiple selector, for example, and use $($(this).attr("data-show")).show() to use it. – Nick Craver Oct 2 '10 at 14:27

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