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Hi Im trying to save a bitmap jpg format with a specified encoding quality. However im getting an exception ("Parameter is not valid.") when calling the save method.

If i leave out the two last parameters in the bmp.save it works fine.

        EncoderParameters eps = new EncoderParameters(1);
        eps.Param[0] = new EncoderParameter(System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder.Quality, 16);
        ImageCodecInfo ici = GetEncoderInfo("image/jpeg");
        string outfile = outputpath + "\\" + fileaddition + sourcefile.Name;
        bmp.Save(outfile,ici,eps );

        return true;
    ImageCodecInfo GetEncoderInfo(string mimeType)
        int j;
        ImageCodecInfo[] encoders;
        encoders = ImageCodecInfo.GetImageEncoders();
        for (j = 0; j < encoders.Length; ++j)
            if (encoders[j].MimeType == mimeType)
                return encoders[j];
        return null;

Thank you

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GDI+ is pretty flaky. You'll need to use 16L for the value or cast to (long).

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In VB I've been using a standard 32bit Integer for the quality value without issues. – Ady Dec 21 '08 at 16:28
That did it! Thank you very much – CruelIO Dec 21 '08 at 16:46
odd. must be a c# thing. – Ady Dec 21 '08 at 16:48
It is. The type of literal "16" is byte in C#, Integer in VB.NET. EncoderParameter has constructors that take byte, short and long, but not int. You'll get the right one in VB but not in C#. – Hans Passant Dec 29 '08 at 10:30
nobugz: No, that’s wrong. The standard says in § that “[i]f the literal has no suffix, it has the first of these types in which its value can be represented: int, uint, long, ulong.” It is never byte. Or maybe this is a bug in the Microsoft C# compiler? – Konrad Rudolph Aug 23 '09 at 8:46

You should cast quality value to long, like this:

eps.Param[0] = new EncoderParameter(System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder.Quality, (long)16);
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