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I've got a functional test that's using fixtures. I also am using fixtures in my Unit tests, but they work without flaw. When running the functional tests, I get a:

NoMethodError: undefined method 'recycle!' for #<Response:0x10346be10> /test/functional/responses_controller_test.rb:10:in 'test_testing'

My functional tests, at this point, are doing nothing more than a get to the index action. Example:

setup do
  @response = responses(:one)

test "testing" do
  get :index
  assert true

My TestHelper class does include all fixtures, so the Responses fixtures are definitely loading. And like I said, the fixtures work perfectly fine in Unit tests.

Any idea what might be causing this?

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setup do
  @response = responses(:one)


setup do
  @myresponse = responses(:one)

and off you go!

The problem lies in "actionpack-3.0.1/lib/action_controller/test_case.rb" around line 386.

The testcase assumes that @response holds a "ActionDispatch::Response". You overwrite it, it's no "ActionDispatch::Response" anymore and the testcase fails.

I'm not sure if this is intended behaviour.

Anyway, just make sure you don't overwrite @response/@request/@controller/@routes and it should work.

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Thanks, just saved my bacon. Had a similar issue with a variable called @request. –  Paul Russell Jul 25 '11 at 21:31
Wow! Had exactly the same code as the OP, and now I have exactly the same code as your solution! @flo –  Ben Nov 18 at 5:14

Flo's answer is mostly correct, but I just wanted to clarify:

In Rails 3.0.x that @request is expected to be an ActionController::TestRequest type, which has the recycle! method defined on it. There's TestResponse, TestRequest, and TestSession.

You might want to actually initialize or manipulate objects of these types for certain situations. In my case, I needed to mock the site having a specific domain name with

@request = ActionController::TestRequest.new unless @request
@request.host = "www.hostname.com"
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I just had a similar problem naming a variable @request. I changed to @_request and it solved the problem.

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