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Is there a way of telling GORM not to persist a property? I'm planning to define a confirm password property on my User class that I'll use for validation, but shouldn't be persisted.

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Note that Command objects are often a better way of solving this problem. They can have properties that are submitted from the form, but aren't necessarily part of the domain object: – Martin Dow May 31 '12 at 8:05
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Using transient key word GORM can be directed not to persist specific property.

Following code snippets shows the use of transient proerties

class Book {
  static transients = [ "digitalCopy" ]

  static constraints = {
    releaseDate(nullable: true)

  String author
  String title
  Date releaseDate
  File digitalCopy

digitalCopy property included in transient declaration notifies GORM not to persist digitalCopy

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OK - just managed to answer my own question with some more searching. Should have been more patient. A static transients property "defines a list of property names that should not be persisted to the database. This is often useful if you have read-only getters that include logic."

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