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Is there a complete source of documentation on the markup format used in vim help files? :help write-local-help provides some info but does not, for example, document the markup used to indicate quoted sections.

update: I've also discovered this post on the vim-use mailing list which provides slightly more info than the afore-mentioned help entry.

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:e $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/help.vim

This will indicate you how vim colours its own help files.

:help write-local-help

will also show you an example.

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I'm hoping to find a reference similar to the one you (and I) mentioned, but more thorough. The help syntax file is certainly thorough, but reading a set of regular expressions is not generally the best way to learn how to write markup. Also, if there is an authoritative reference, the syntax colouring code may change in future vim versions in ways that still honour that reference. – intuited Oct 2 '10 at 19:52

It seems everyone still sticks to reading another help file or reading the syntax file.

I did find the following two additional references:

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