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In R, how can you use Holt-Winters smoothing for a financial ("business-day")-based time series?

(For example, a stock data time series has an irregular time index).

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I think this question might be a good candidate for stats.stackexchange.com –  Brandon Bertelsen Oct 2 '10 at 22:46

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You don't, for the reasons I gave you in response to your previous question today: because HoltWinters needs ts, you cannot (easily) use it on irregular time series.

You can approximate it by, say, sampling every Wednesday and creating 52-week years from that. But there is no way around the basic fact that "business day"-based series are irregular.

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you can easily by modelling the irregular time series without a seasonal component, i.e. setting gamma=FALSE, as OP answered himself in his previous question. That's a valid HoltWinters model. –  Joris Meys Oct 3 '10 at 0:50
@Dirk How can we write the holtwinter function for implementing lines(HoltWinters(nhtemp, gamma=F)$fitted[,2], col = "red") if we are restricted to use holtwinters function? Any hint is really appreciated in advance. –  Mona Jalal Apr 21 '14 at 23:30

As Dirk said there is no solid way to do this. Even if it runs (gamma=F) it will use a fixed gain on each observation, that is, it will ignore the fact that a week-end is 3 times longer than your other delta times.

It gets worse with intraday data. I think your best bet is to implement the Holt Winters filter yourself. It's actually not all that hard...

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