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Are there any similarities between these two ?

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On the surface, they share many similarities:

  • Schema-free data-model
  • Distributed design
  • Map-Reduce as processing model (as opposed to SQL)

However, the details of how each of those points are implemented are quite different, and share very little similarities. I will lightly go over the points.

Schema-Free Data-Model:

  • CouchDB is a document store, allowing you to store any document in JSON format.
  • HBase is a column-oriented store, where you store column values and are able to group those values into a row (very simplistic explanation).

Distributed Design:

  • CouchDB uses a peer-to-peer design for distributing data.
  • HBase uses master nodes that dictate where columns and rows are written. (again simplistic explanation).


  • CouchDB has a built-in mechanism called "views" that allows you to define embedded map-reduce jobs. These "views" generate a "table" containing the output of the map-reduce job, which you can then use just as you would a normal table. Similar to materialized views in relational databases.
  • HBase does not have a built-in map-reduce mechanism. Rather, you are able to hook up HBase with Hadoop to perform the Map-Reduce jobs. What you do with the result is independent of HBase, you can import the data or move to another database.

I attempted to not go into detail, and hope what I explained is sufficient to give you an understanding.

Kristóf Kovács has created a decent overview of the features of these databases plus others in the NoSQL field.

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They have nothing in common. CouchDB is a database and Hadoop is a distributed processing framework.

You should be comparing CounchDB and Hbase/Hive (which are based on Hadoop) instead.

So I think this older question should get you on the way:

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Thanks Niels, but I am looking for a more detailed comparison between these two specifically – babydudecoder Oct 3 '10 at 7:30
I've added additional info. – Niels Basjes Oct 3 '10 at 11:35

This is a good comparison for a lot of NoSQL flavors:

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