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How can I get a variable of a hash in php.

I have a variable on page like this


How can i get the album and song values and put them into PHP variables?

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Just adding onto @Alec's answer.

There is a parse_url() function:

Which can return fragment - after the hashmark #. However, in your case it will return all values after the hashmark:

    [path] => catalog.php
    [fragment] => album=2song=1

As @NullUserException pointed out, unless you have the url beforehand this really is pointless. But, I feel its good to know nonetheless.

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Unless you have the URL beforehand, this is useless. –  NullUserException Oct 2 '10 at 23:35
Indeed. Let me edit that into my answer too. –  Russell Dias Oct 2 '10 at 23:37
Thank you. Sounds like I could work this idea into what I need. –  Andelas Oct 2 '10 at 23:42

You can't get this value with PHP because PHP processes things server-side, and the hash in the URL is client-side only and never gets sent to the server. JavaScript can get the hash though, using window.location.hash (and optionally call on a PHP script including this information, or add the data to the DOM).

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You can use AJAX/PHP for this. You can get the hash with javaScript and load some contents with PHP. Let's suppose we're loading the main content of a page, so our URL with hash is "http://www.example.com/#main":

JavaScript in our head:

 function getContentByHashName(hash) { // "main"
    // some very simplified AJAX (in this example with jQuery)
      url: '/ajax/get_content.php?content='+hash, // "main"
      success: function(content){
        $('div#container').html(content); // will put "Welcome to our Main Page" into the <div> with id="container"

 var hash=parent.location.hash; // #main
 hash=hash.substring(1,hash.length); // take out the #


The PHP could have something like:

// very unsafe and silly code

$content_hash_name = $_GET['content'];

if($content_hash_name == 'main'):
  echo "Welcome to our Main Page";

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