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After using werkzeug as a web framework (which is great and simple, but doesnt support some features), i'm now trying cherrypy.

Now what I miss in cherrypy is werkzeug's elegant way of building urls (e.g. for links in templates) using the name of a decorated function like this:

def archive(request, year, month):

>>> url_for('archive',2010,04)

I didn't find a similar way in cherrypy, did I miss it?

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You didn't miss it. CherryPy doesn't have that sort of approach built into the 'expose' decorator. You can, however, use the builtin Routes dispatcher with your application, which has a similar URL template syntax. If you'd like to try to wrap that up into a decorator like werkzeug's, we'd love to see the code pasted on the wiki. Bonus points for sticking that logic onto the RoutesDispatcher class itself.

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That link is dead. – Ajoy Oct 10 '14 at 7:59

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