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Here is my code:

             var TypeID = $("#ddlTableType > option[selected]").attr("value");                
                    $.getJSON('LoadTableCodes.ashx?ObjectType=' + TypeID, function(TableCodes) {
                        $.each(TableCodes, function() {                         

The wierd thig is that it fills the ddl but returns an error on the .append() line, saying:

Line: 168983219 Error: Object doesn't support this property or method

offcourse i don't have line 168983219 and when i am looking in the debuger it show me the append() line.

and the alert shows all the json pairs but {object:object} for all of them and not the values....mabye its that???

p.s. with jquery 1.4.2 i didn't get any response, with 1.3.2 i'm getting the result with the error....

10x for any help :-)

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I've found the problem.....

Had to remove the last comma...Thats all, now every thing is great....learned something new...:-)

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