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I am reading the user guide that came with Intel concurrent collections, and I don't understand what they mean by the following sentence [Page 4 Section 1.1]:

You define an Intel Concurrent Collections for C++ graph which specifies the following:

Anybody know what do they mean by C++ Graph?

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The graph component is described a few pages later. Keep reading. – ergosys Oct 3 '10 at 3:12
Do you mean section 1.2 (or even later than that)? I am reading through it right now, and I understand the very high level concept they are trying to make me understand, but again, they use the words ... to represent an Intel Concurrent Collections for C++ Graph. What the heck is a C++ graph!? :) – Samaursa Oct 3 '10 at 3:33

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They're not talking about a C++ graph - they're talking about an Intel Concurrent Collections for C++ graph.

The graph that's described here is not some general C++ concept, it's completely specific to this framework, and created as described in detail in the document, starting with the overview in Section 1.1.

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That pointed me in the right direction. I started digging through other documents and FAQs, which clear it up further: 1) [CnC FAQ][1] 2) Primes project which comments context class (also known as graph) [1]:… – Samaursa Oct 3 '10 at 15:48

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