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I get the following error:

1>c:\documents and settings\krzys\desktop\desktop icons\ollydbg\plugins\odbgscript\OllyLangCommands.cpp(3602): error C2593: 'operator =' is ambiguous
1>          c:\documents and settings\krzys\desktop\desktop icons\ollydbg\plugins\odbgscript\var.h(45): could be 'var &var::operator =(const long double &)'
1>          c:\documents and settings\krzys\desktop\desktop icons\ollydbg\plugins\odbgscript\var.h(42): or       'var &var::operator =(const int &)'
1>          c:\documents and settings\krzys\desktop\desktop icons\ollydbg\plugins\odbgscript\var.h(41): or       'var &var::operator =(const ulong &)'
1>          while trying to match the argument list '(var, std::streamsize)'

At this code:

map<string, var> variables;
streamsize sum = 0;

if (sum) {
    variables["$RESULT"] = sum;  // Error 1
    return true;


class var
 ulong dw;
 string str;
 long double flt;
 vtype vt;
 bool isbuf;
 int size;

 var(const var& rhs); 
 var(string& rhs); 
 var(ulong rhs); 
 var(int rhs); 
 var(long double rhs); 

 // less than zero this < rhs
 // zero this == rhs 
 // greater than zero this > rhs 
 int compare(const var& rhs) const; 
 int compare(const string& rhs) const; 
 int compare(const ulong& rhs) const; 
 int compare(const int& rhs) const; 
 int compare(const long double& rhs) const; 

 string strclean(void);
 string strbuffhex(void);
 string strbuff(void);

 var& operator=(const var& rhs);
 var& operator=(const string& rhs);
 var& operator=(const ulong& rhs); // Error 4
 var& operator=(const int& rhs); // Error 3
 var& operator=(unsigned short& rhs);
 var& operator=(unsigned char& rhs);
 var& operator=(const long double& rhs); // Error 2

 var& operator+=(const var& rhs);
 var& operator+=(const string& rhs);
 var& operator+=(const ulong& rhs);
 var& operator+=(const int& rhs);
 var& operator+=(const long double& rhs);

 void resize(ulong newsize);


Compiled perfectly with VS6, but now I'm getting this error with VS10.

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So, how 'bout those operator= definitions? What is sum? What is variables? How shall we fix code with no code? –  GManNickG Oct 3 '10 at 4:01
A bit more code might be nice - at least the types/declarations for sum and variables. –  Michael Burr Oct 3 '10 at 4:01
Whoops, sorry. Anyway, I might as well just give you everything. It's line 3602: pastebin.com/p7TMQTgQ –  Chuy Oct 3 '10 at 4:07
Giving us everything is a poor way to solve a problem. That's tons of code (code smell, by the way), and though I didn't read the whole thing I don't think you even gave us the definition for the class and therefore variables. Trim the problem to something manageable; you'll probably solve it yourself that way. Otherwise, I reiterate what I said above. –  GManNickG Oct 3 '10 at 4:10
My bad, I thought it would all be there. Anyway, map<string, var> variables; and streamsize sum = 0; I still don't see what's wrong though. –  Chuy Oct 3 '10 at 4:18

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Your variables map holds values of type var. sum isn't a var, so a conversion needs to be made.

The streamsize type in VC6 is a simple int and the var class will convert that to a var type implicitly.

In VS10, streamsize is an __int64, which you have no implicit conversion to a var for.

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Thanks, I just initialized sum with an int and it works now. –  Chuy Oct 3 '10 at 5:08

Check sum's type and variables's methods. There's a chance they've added new operator= overloads in the switch from VS6 to VS2010.

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