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I can use successfully the PayPal NVP api for SetExpressCheckout. But the problem with this is, I can't pay two merchant on a single payment. So, going through PayPal, I found that I can use the parallel payment. I need to know how can I use the parallel payment. I have request code for the SetExpressCheckout like following, <form method=post action=> <input type=hidden name=USER value=""> <input type=hidden name=PWD value="xxxxxxxxx"> <input type=hidden name=SIGNATURE value="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"> <input type=hidden name=VERSION value=2.3> <input type=hidden name=PAYMENTACTION value=Order> <input name=AMT value=10.0> <input type=hidden name=RETURNURL value=xxxxxx> <input type=hidden name=CANCELURL value=xxxxxx> <input type=submit name=METHOD value=SetExpressCheckout> </form> I need something like the above where I can request for parallel payment.

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Finally I got the sample codes for parallel payment implementation PapPal SDK link.

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