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I need to pass userData to jqgrid, but can't find any examples of how to do this. Here's my attempt:

Sent from the server:

{ total: 25,
  page: currentpage,
  userData: {foo: 'bar'},
  rows: myRows }

and in jqgrid:

var data = jQuery("#grid").getGridParam('userData');

How can I send userData and read it from jqgrid?

EDIT: I know my userData is being sent, because I can see it in Fiddler. I think I'm just stuck on how to read it on the client side.

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In general the usage of userData is pretty simple. jqGrid gives you support to send from the server any additional data which will be saved together with the jqGrid data. So if jqGrid parses the data returned from the server then it just looks for userdata (not for userData!!!) and save is in the internal parameter userData.

{ "total":25,
  "userdata": {"foo": "bar"},
  "rows": [...] }

Be careful: the default property in the input data must be userdata and NOT userData like you currently have. You can overwrite the default name of input property jsonReader: {userdata: "userData"} or jsonReader: {userdata: "myData"} if you use userData or myData as the property name with your additional data.

One from the standard usage of userData is for displaying of the footer in the jqGrid. You can use the data for any your other propose. In another answer it is shown how to use userData to select the some row/rows directly after the loading data from the server.

If you use loadonce:true parameter, the usage of userData will be a little more tricky because after the first load the data from the parameter userData will be deleted, so you have to save there in the external object.

Of cause you can access the userData with respect of jQuery("#grid").getGridParam('userData') only after the data are loaded. So you should do this inside of loadComplete event handle or later. By the way inside of loadComplete event handle you can access to all data which are send to you from the server through data parameter of loadComplete event. So you can read any other additional data and save there somewhere.

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Thanks. In case anyone reads this later, the summary is that when talking about a GridParam it's userData, otherwise it's userdata. Read userdata in the loadComplete event handler. To set postData with userdata do this: loadComplete: function(data){jQuery("#ticketlist").setGridParam({ postData: { foo2: data.userdata.foo} });} –  Slack Oct 3 '10 at 19:58
@Slack: You can also use jQuery("#grid").getGridParam('userData') inside of loadComplete like loadComplete: function(){jQuery("#ticketlist").setGridParam({ postData: { foo2: jQuery("#grid").getGridParam('userData').foo} });}. It is only important to understand that in the data send from the server one have to place userdata and the data will be saved in userData parameter of jqGrid. So it can be accessible trough getGridParam('userData'). But the most important, that now your program works and can use userdata/userData. :-) –  Oleg Oct 3 '10 at 20:09
man I've been using userData instead of userdata in the json generator and I've been going crazy, thanks alot! +1 –  Neo Oct 19 '10 at 5:19
@Neo: You welcome! –  Oleg Oct 19 '10 at 7:11

jqGrid by default accepts JSON in this format.


and setting up the jqgrid options you would do something like this:

    datatype: "json",
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Thanks for your post. I actually have jqgrid working fine and can display rows without a problem. I omitted that code. What I don't understand is how to use jqgrid's userData feature. This lets you send an array of user data from the server to the grid. –  Slack Oct 3 '10 at 6:35

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