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Ramble: I have been goggling for the past ~week trying to get information on tablet programming for Linux. I am currently a student tasked with making a tablet application (mobile but tablet is the preferred device). I am allowed to program with Linux however the class instruction is based on Microsoft XP tablet input "Inking." I however would like to learn how to write a similar app in Linux ( I am going to attempt to make a gesture GUI for kismet [probably tie in air crack too, mostly just run scripts]).

Problem: My problem however is that the I cannot find any opensource gesture engines or similar tools to inking as far as Linux goes. I know that communities hate n00b questions but can you point me to some n00b xInput programming tutorials that include gestures. The best I found is how to doodle with a bitmap backing.

I'm sorry for n00bing out here, really I'm usually able to fend for my self.

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OK, I don't know much, but I am moved by your anti-n00bness.

http://www.x.org/wiki/XOrgInputDriverSpec It doesn't look like it's implemented yet, but there is some hope!

https://launchpad.net/canonical-multitouch <- canonical recently announced this, so there's not that much work yet

I don't know, man. You've got a tough question...

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