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Heyy Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone knows any open source NAC system implemented in C/C++/Java/C# ?? I just came across Packetfence and Netreg but both of them are implemented in Perl and since I'm a novice to Perl hence unable to percept the code. I would highly appreciate your positive inputs.
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Full disclosure: I work on the PacketFence project.

No, I haven't heard of any open source NAC implemented in those languages.

If you take a narrow definition of NAC consisting of 802.1X / MAC Authentication and a FreeRADIUS back-end then yes, FreeRADIUS is in C (or C++) and you can program modules for it in C that could perform NAC like operations.

You know, Perl is not that hard to learn if you know C, Java or Bash. ;)

Join our community anyway! it's rare to see people interested in NACs outside an enterprise setting

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