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How can I append text in a rich text box? Say, for example, that I need to append it on line 40 at column 30.

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WPF? Winforms? ASP.NET? –  Fredrik Mörk Oct 3 '10 at 8:06
WinForms in windows desktop application –  lala Oct 3 '10 at 8:08
this looks answered to me. Do you need anything else? If not, please close your thread by marking the answer. –  Hans Passant Oct 8 '10 at 18:34

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Take your string, count the lines, then use string manipulation to manually insert your string in the correct position.

You could count lines by counting occurrences of '\n' and for column you just add column number to the position that you find your line at.

If this is too little info, ask me and I can paste you a c# code for it.

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