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How could I call a function with a string? e.g. something like this:

(call "zero?" 1) ;=> false
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Something like:

(defn call [^String nm & args]
    (when-let [fun (ns-resolve *ns* (symbol nm))]
        (apply fun args)))
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Thanks, ns-resolve in particular was what I was looking for. –  Ashley Williams Oct 3 '10 at 10:28
it's better also to combine ns-resolve together with fn? to check, that symbol is function –  Alex Ott Oct 3 '10 at 17:22

A simple answer:

(defn call [this & that]
  (apply (resolve (symbol this)) that))

(call "zero?" 1) 
;=> false

Just for fun:

(defn call [this & that]
   (string? this) (apply (resolve (symbol this)) that)
   (fn? this) (apply this that)
   :else (conj that this)))

(call "+" 1 2 3) ;=> 6
(call + 1 2 3)   ;=> 6
(call 1 2 3)     ;=> (1 2 3)
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