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I have a database built by Doctrine from schema.yml which I want to modify. Thus, first I saved the data using doctrine:data-dump command. Afterwards I wanted to check if it really can reload data, so I called the doctrine:build --all --and-load command.

It successfully rebuilt the database, however when loading data from data1.yml file(where I saved beforehand) it gives me the following error:

Couldn't call Doctrine_Core::set(), second argument should be an instance of Doctrine_Collection when setting one-to-many references.

I would really appreciate if you guys could help me fix this problem.

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Well, it's not really possible to dump the database with data-dump and load it later with data-load without any additional steps (talking about more complicated schemas). You need to manually modify your fixtures a bit.

The reason is those tools were not made with such scenario in mind.

The right approach with changing schema is to use doctrine migrations.

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