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I am looking for a way to add extra keys to a UITextView's keyboard or add a UIToolbar above it.

How might I go about this?


This is for an iPad app and if I was to add extra keys I would need a new row for them in the UIKeyboard.

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definitely check out this excellent tutorial on how to add extra keys to the keyboard.


its a really detailed solution and guides you every step of the way.

i've used this many a times. I hope that you can too.

Let me know if this helped you a lil.


if you need any more help do let me know.


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That's definitely helpful, however it doesn't look like an actual key on the keyboard. –  Joshua Oct 3 '10 at 11:34
UIKeyboards contains a UIview that contains subviews for each key. So all we are doing is adding a subview to the keyboard view. which would still be a key. does this make sense? –  Pavan Oct 3 '10 at 11:37
I have also just tested the code in that tutorial and it doesn't work on iPad which I am targeting (sorry forgot to mention this in the question). –  Joshua Oct 3 '10 at 11:58
ok. please make the right changes in your post. thanks i will get back to you on this. –  Pavan Oct 3 '10 at 12:00

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