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What is the current status of easy_install, pip and the repository (pypi.python.org) with regards to Python 3.x?

Are there versions of easy_install and/or pip that can install the right versions of packages from there? Else, are they expected soon?

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PyPi itself supports Python 3. The setuptools package provides a version of easy_install that works with Python 3.

According to the pip page, pip support Python 3 since v 1.0.

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There is ongoing effort to provide support for Python 3 in pip.
See Porting Pip to Python 3 thread on virtualenv mailing list or head directly to Vinay Sajip's repo on bitbucket.org

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As of version 1.0, pip supports Python 3.

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Notice that easy_install is shipped with Python 3.4 and higher

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