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I am abit confused about how to setup the messaging between views. What I am doing is using a radtabcontrol in my mainpage. Each view that is launched after that is bound to a new tab. When the tab needs to be terminated, i.e. user requests a close or it is no longer required, I need to communicate back to the mainpage so it can terminate the view and close the tab.

Can someone help me find a tutorial or perhaps provide sample code using Messenger and RelayCommand to do this?

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You should probably tag this question with "Silverlight" or "WPF" depending on your scenario. – Henrik Söderlund Oct 7 '10 at 11:15

In the constructor of your MainPage (or whatever):

Messenger.Default.Register<string>(this, MessageReceived);

The MessageReceived method (also in MainPage):

private void MessageReceived(string message)
    if (message == "SomeTabWasClosed")
        //Do the necessary clean-up

Then when you need to send the message (maybe in your tab Views or their ViewModels):

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