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I've been using Oslo for MSchema. Works great. I can write an M Schema for a database design and it generates T-SQL to build the entire db with PKs, FKs, checks for integrity etc. I've set up a .bat file to compile the .m into .mx then load it into the db, then run SqlMetal into my project and in 30 seconds I'm moving on with my changes. I love it.

OK so now I'm moving on into mGrammar. I'm not quite sure how I'll incorporate it into my app but I'll figure that out. What I need first is to set up Intellipad to give me the Input/Grammar/Output triptych. I'm stumped. I can't figure out any way to set it up with a flow. Yes I can probably take the project and rename it but that doesn't give me any insight into how the thing works. Any ideas?

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Here are the steps you have to take

  1. Open "Intellipad (Samples Enabled)"
  2. File->Open your DSL file (
  3. CTRL+SHIFT+D, type "SetMode('MGMode')"
  4. From the menu: MGrammar Mode->Tree Preview
  5. Select your grammar file (

This will open up the three preview view. The left window is your sample code, the middle one is your grammar and the right is a tree structure of your output.

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Thanks, that works Justin. Why is there a 'Samples Enabled' version? I've scanned the documentation but I haven't seen any explanation of that. Do I always use that version? – Weej Dec 22 '08 at 14:10
You have to use the samples enabled version unless you add the extensions to your default profile which loads when you start intellipad. There's a great video from PDC08 on the channell9 site which talks about it. – Jonathan Parker Mar 2 '09 at 3:19

As @Just-in-case said, but simpler if you just:

(1) CTRL - SHIFT - T

(2) Open the MG file

I.e, From lab doc:

  • Open Intellipad (Samples Enabled) either from the start menu or by entering the following command (from "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Oslo SDK 1.0\Bin"):

"c:\program files\Microsoft Oslo SDK 1.0\bin\Intellipad\ipad.exe" /c:ipad-vs-samples.xaml

Note: "ipad-vs-samples.xaml" is a configuration that enable additional functionality including the dynamic parse editing mode that we are about to use.

  • In Intellipad, use CONTROL-SHIFT-T to open Intellipad in Dynamic parser mode.

  • Select the file in the IntroToM\Example02-MovieDSL\begin folder.

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In the May 2009 CTP I had to open the mg file first and then hit CTRL-SHIFT-T to open the input file. Otherwise it did not give me the tree preview mode (which is no longer in the menus) – Mike Two Aug 23 '09 at 8:35

You might have experienced, that MSchema and MGrammar are not integrated that well yet. Read more about that here:

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