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I am facing a curious problem: I am trying to build a Add-In for Outlook 2002 with Visual Studio 2008 using the shared add-in template. I want a simple hello world within the OnStartUpComplete method. That works pefectly on my development machine, but not at all on a clean machine with outlook 2002. I used the generated setup project to install the add in. Load behavior changed back from 3 to 2 after starting outlook, but there neither comes an exception nor any other error. What do I have to do to get the Add-In working on other than the dev machine?

Thanks a lot,


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i believe your are a lockback policy victim. add a bypass key to registry, then it works. modern office versions or vsto creates the key while installation. the effect is: install a modern office too and the adddin now are also loaded in older office. please take a look

code snippet taken from NetOffice

public static void RegisterFunction(Type type)
                // add codebase value
                Assembly thisAssembly = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(ExampleClassicAddin));
                RegistryKey key = Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey("CLSID\\{" + type.GUID.ToString().ToUpper() + "}\\InprocServer32\\");
                key.SetValue("CodeBase", thisAssembly.CodeBase);

                key = Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey("CLSID\\{" + type.GUID.ToString().ToUpper() + "}\\InprocServer32");
                key.SetValue("CodeBase", thisAssembly.CodeBase);

                // add bypass key
                key = Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey("Interface\\{000C0601-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}");
                string defaultValue = key.GetValue("") as string;
                if (null == defaultValue)
                    key.SetValue("", "Office .NET Framework Lockback Bypass Key");

                // add addin key
                Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey(@"CLSID\{" + type.GUID.ToString().ToUpper() + @"}\Programmable");
                Registry.CurrentUser.CreateSubKey(_addinRegistryKey + _prodId);
                RegistryKey rk = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey(_addinRegistryKey + _prodId, true);
                rk.SetValue("LoadBehavior", Convert.ToInt32(3));
                rk.SetValue("FriendlyName", _addinName);
                rk.SetValue("Description", "NetOffice COMAddinExample with classic UI");
            catch (Exception ex)
                string details = string.Format("{1}{1}Details:{1}{1}{0}", ex.Message, Environment.NewLine);
                MessageBox.Show("An error occured." + details, "Register " + _addinName, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);
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