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Why is the second div height not 100px?

Now it is very long...

<div style = "height: 300px;">
    <div style = "height: 300px; background-color: #000;">
        <div style = "height: 200px;">
                 First div
        <div style = "height: 100%; background-color: #336699;">
                 Seconf div
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height: 100%; doesn't fill up the rest of the space, it takes 100% of the parent <div>, which is 300px. Why don't you just use 100px?

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cos you have 100% not 100px.

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Because 100% means "100% of the height of the parent element" and not "100% of the space left in the parent element after everything else has been accounted for"

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It's 100% of height of the parent div -- in this case 300px not 100.

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