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i working on a project which compare between load time of websites on different server around the world.

in my project i need to buy a spot for a website in several servers but i don't know in which country the server is actually located. i found an add-on in firefox called "flagfox" (i'm not related to the program, to check it visit: which indicate in which country the site is located.

i want to know:
a) how can "flagfox" know in which country the site is located? (in is not by the extention e.g .com .uk)
b) how can i know where in the country itself the site is located, i.e in the u.s.a is not very helpful because the server can be in new-york or in los angeles which are several time zones apart.
c) if i don't know the answer to a, how can i verify that the data from "flagfox" or other software for that matter, is reliable?


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From the Flagfox site:

It works by accessing an internal IP address location database, basically a rough map of the physical layout of the Internet, based on data provided by Maxmind.

You can get access to the maxmind dataset at


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There's a good article about this here, complete with sample code. It references a database that is available here.

The database can also be obtained here.

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