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can I get the correct data/text that is displayed via AJAX using mechanize in ruby?

Or is there any other scripting gem that would allow me to do so?

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Mechanized cannot read data displayed by JavaScript, because it does not implement a JavaScript engine (in other words, it can't run it). You'll need a browser to do that, or a program that automates a browser to do it for you. WATIR is one such program.

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FRKT: I thought that it would be like that :-( but I cannot run browser/WATIR on my - I guess - or can I? – Radek Oct 4 '10 at 21:59
@Radek: I don't know, sorry - you'll have to get in touch with linode and ask them. :-) – Johannes Gorset Oct 4 '10 at 22:13

You can use WATIR with webdriver which is a console only, headless browser.

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