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I want to find some great solution to convert XML to dict and vice versa in python

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The following recipe should be helpful:

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xmltodict (full disclosure: I wrote it) does exactly that, following this "standard". It is Expat-based, so it's very fast and doesn't need to load the whole XML tree in memory.

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This is excellent, thanks! –  DanH Jan 17 '13 at 4:50

I think the best way would be roll your own to suit your needs. Get lxml, read up on the docs and you should be good to go. In case you have doubts, come right back :)

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When converting between XML and Python dictionaries, there are some interesting corner cases that make this non-trivial (attributes? lists? anonymous lists? single entry lists? content eval?): tale a look at this document from the PicklingTools distribution: XML to Dict conversions: http://www.picklingtools.com

The docs discuss how to do this, but here's a simple example. In a file named ‘example.xml’, we will put the following XML:


To process this file and turn it into a dictionary:

>>> from xmlloader import *
>>> example = file('example.xml', 'r')
>>> xl = StreamXMLLoader(example, 0)  # 0 = All defaults on options
>>> result = xl.expectXML()
>>> print result
{'top': {'a': '1', 'c': 'three', 'b': '2.2'}}
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