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I'm using Quartz.NET for a C# Windows Service I am creating. I want the administrators to be able to access a webpage that displays all jobs and associated triggers in a gridview so they can update or delete the jobs.

The issue I have is a lot of data I want to be displayed/editable is stored in the JOB_DATA field, which is a binary image field, so cannot be accessed easily using the gridview. How do I go about getting the JobDetail information for each row, and getting the data map for the grid?

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You can just create any Class and Put it in the JobDataMap and Just extract it again when using a specific job:

class test
  public string path;
JobDataMap newJobDataMap = new JobDataMap();


JobDetail testDetail = new JobDetail(Job_Name, typeof(test)) { JobDataMap = newJobDataMap };

Then at a later stage u can get the Job Detail and retreive the information as below:

JobDataMap map = context.JobDetail.JobDataMap;

testjobDetail jobDetailToUse =
 (testjobDetail )map.Get("ClassvariableNameToUseToGetTheInformationAtALaterStage");
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You'll find the way to do it here.

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Thanks - problem I have is thatthe data in JOB_DATA isn't actually an image, and I need to get specific details from there to output into the grid. For example, there is a field called 'initial path' stored in there. –  Chris Oct 4 '10 at 13:10

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