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I would like to perform an operation on an argument based on the fact that it might be a map-like object or a sequence-like object. I understand that no strategy is going to be 100% reliable for type-like checking, but I'm looking for a robust solution.

Based on this answer, I know how to determine whether something is a sequence and I can do this check after checking if the object is a map.

def ismap(arg):
   # How to implement this?

def isseq(arg):
   return hasattr(arg,"__iter__")

def operation(arg):
   if ismap(arg):
      # Do something with a dict-like object
   elif isseq(arg):
      # Do something with a sequence-like object
      # Do something else

Because a sequence can be seen as a map where keys are integers, should I just try to find a key that is not an integer? Or maybe I could look at the string representation? or...?


I selected SilentGhost's answer because it looks like the most "correct" one, but for my needs, here is the solution I ended up implementing:

if hasattr(arg, 'keys') and hasattr(arg, '__getitem__'):
   # Do something with a map
elif hasattr(arg, '__iter__'):
   # Do something with a sequence/iterable
   # Do something else

Essentially, I don't want to rely on an ABC because there are many custom classes that behave like sequences and dictionary but that still do not extend the python collections ABCs (see @Manoj comment). I thought the keys attribute (mentioned by someone who removed his/her answer) was a good enough check for mappings.

Classes extending the Sequence and Mapping ABCs will work with this solution as well.

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Why not just try something sequence like or map like, and based on the errors, you can determine what to treat it as. – PyRulez Oct 26 '13 at 23:44
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>>> from collections import Mapping, Sequence
>>> isinstance('ac', Sequence)
>>> isinstance('ac', Mapping)
>>> isinstance({3:42}, Mapping)
>>> isinstance({3:42}, Sequence)

collections abstract base classes (ABCs)

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How about custom classes? For e.g. Django's QuerySet? It behaves like a sequence but isinstance(a_queryset, Sequence) returns False. – Manoj Govindan Oct 4 '10 at 11:12
@Manoj: they might need to fix inheritance? In what sense does it "behave like a sequence"? – SilentGhost Oct 4 '10 at 11:15
@SilentGhost: Hmmm. You are right. I guess designers will have to start by subclassing the appropriate type if they expect such operations. – Manoj Govindan Oct 4 '10 at 11:17
@SilentGhost: I didn't down vote you! In fact I did the opposite :) – Manoj Govindan Oct 4 '10 at 11:18
@SilentGhost: you can iterate over a queryset; it can be indexed (positive indexes only); it supports len. – Manoj Govindan Oct 4 '10 at 11:19

Sequences have an __add__ method that implements the + operator. Maps do not have that method, since adding to a map requires both a key and a value, and the + operator only has one right-hand side.

So you may try:

def ismap(arg):
    return isseq(arg) and not hasattr(arg, "__add__")
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