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Trying to get JQuery to post JSON to a server:

  url: "/path/to/url",  
  type: "POST",  
  dataType: "json",  
  contentType: "json",  
  data: {"foo": "bar"},  
  success: function(){              
    alert("success :-)");  
  error: function(){  
    alert("fail :-(");  

Problem is the data appears on the server as "foo=bar" rather than the desired "{\"foo\":\"bar\"}.

I thought specifying either the dataType or contentType params would do the trick, but no.

Anyone know the correct ajax configuration ? [or alternatively a way of serialising the 'data' parameter as JSON prior to posting ?]


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You could use json2.js:

data: JSON.stringify({"foo": "bar"})
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Datatype is for returned data. Contenttype is not applicable, see here

It can only send strings, I use JSON.stringify on my created javascript objects, in your case you could just manually code the string.

You will also need to access the string on server side, for that if you are using java I can recommened google's gson

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