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$ cat test.pl
my $pid = 5892;
my $not = system("top -H -p $pid -n 1 | grep myprocess | wc -l");
print "not = $not\n";
$ perl test.pl
not = 0

I want to capture the result i.e. 11 into a variable. How can I do that?

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From Perlfaq8:

You're confusing the purpose of system() and backticks (``). system() runs a command and returns exit status information (as a 16 bit value: the low 7 bits are the signal the process died from, if any, and the high 8 bits are the actual exit value). Backticks (``) run a command and return what it sent to STDOUT.

$exit_status   = system("mail-users");
    $output_string = `ls`;

There are many ways to execute external commands from Perl. The most commons with their meanings are:

  • system() : you want to execute a command and don't want to capture its output
  • exec: you don't want to return to the calling perl script
  • backticks : you want to capture the output of the command
  • open: you want to pipe the command (as input or output) to your script

Also see How can I capture STDERR from an external command?

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thanks @Nikhil. –  Lazer Oct 10 '10 at 21:39

The easiest way is to use the `` feature in Perl. This will execute what is inside and return what was printed to stdout:

 my $pid = 5892;
 my $var = `top -H -p $pid -n 1 | grep myprocess | wc -l`;
 print "not = $var\n";

This should do it.

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Is the $pid substitution within backtics a new feature? Can't get it to work with v5.6.1. –  Lazer Oct 28 '10 at 9:56
This has worked as far as I can remember. e.g. try : perl -e '$a="Hello"; print `echo $a`' –  Peter Tillemans Oct 29 '10 at 6:46

Try using qx{command} rather than backticks. To me, it's a bit better because: you can do SQL with it and not worry about escaping quotes and such. Depending on the editor and screen, my old eyes tend to miss the tiny back ticks, and it shouldn't ever have an issue with being overloaded like using angle brackets versus glob.

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