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I have developed an app that runs as a windows service and regularly does a few tasks like synchronizing data sources and generating some statistics. I want to:

1) Get sms when the service stops for any reason. I don't want to deploy a fully fledged infrastructure monitoring system (like nagios).

2) Other people in my team (and possibly other teams) to get customized notifications (by email) if the generated metrics/statistics meet their criteria. This should be a self-service, I don't want to re-configure my app each time someone wants to subscribe to events.

Do you know a tool that can do that?

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Please take a look at AlertGrid service. It has features you need (and even more). Your service will require integration with AlertGrid but this is very simple (there are also some code samples ).

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Excellent stuff, this is exactly what I needed, thanks! – affinitivix Oct 4 '10 at 16:09

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