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I want to do this: when you click a link on a page, it will open the link normally, but when you double click the link, it will alert the link's 'href' attribute.

However, when I try to double click a link, it will always open the link. Any idea?

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The link opens after the first click of a double click, so you will need to add a time delay to determine which is which. Here's some code (using the jQuery JavaScript library for brevity) that works on all the browsers except Internet Explorer (try it out). If you can figure out why it doesn't, I'd like to know.

$('a').click(function(event) {
    var elem = $(this),
        clickTimeout ='clickTimeout');

    if(clickTimeout) {        
        // Double click; cancel the single click timeout
        clearTimeout(clickTimeout);'clickTimeout', null);


    } else {
        // Might be a single click; wait and see'clickTimeout', setTimeout(function() {
            // Single click; timeout was not cancelled
  'clickTimeout', null);

            // Navigate to the link's URL
            window.location.href = elem.attr('href');

        }, 500));

    // Stops propagation and prevents default action
    return false;
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greate solution! – wong2 Dec 30 '10 at 5:08

maybe it's just a typo: the event you're looking for is named ondblclick, not ondbclick.

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To avoid the link being opened, you may want to work with right-clicks instead.

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Because the onclick event gets fired before the ondbclick event. That is the reson why ondblclick does not get executed -> the link gets loaded first.

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This is tricky because the order of event is not the same in all browsers. Check out this article: under the section for double clicks.

You could cancel the default action of clicking the link and write your own handler for the click event.

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A double click is two clicks. Thus, it fires the click event.

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