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I am using PyML for SVM classification. However, I noticed that when I evaluate a multi-class classifier using LOO, the results object does not report the sensitivity and PPV values. Instead they are 0.0:

from PyML import *
from PyML.classifiers import multi

mc = multi.OneAgainstRest(SVM())
data = VectorDataSet('iris.data', labelsColumn=-1)
result = mc.loo(data)

>>> 0.95333333333333337
>>> 0.0
>>> 0.0

I have looked at the code but couldn't figure out what is going wrong here. Has somebody a workaround for this?

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You cannot get the usual Precision/Recall measurements on a multi-class problem. You have to get Precision/Recall for each class, and you can compute a weighted average.

I don't know about the specifics of PyML, but you can just go through the predictions and calculate them for each class.

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