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Please also let me know the time complexity we can improve.

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Good Question.. –  Deviprasad Das Oct 4 '10 at 14:54
Is this homework? –  Matt Ball Oct 4 '10 at 15:07

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Heap sort takes O(n Logn) time for sorting n length heap. To obtain second largest element you should use heapify twice. Second number is what you looking for. it takes 2 * logn (heapify) time. Complexity is O(logn).

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If only the second largest values is required, then would a single pass bubble sort be quicker? Along the lines of:

biggest = array[0]

foreach element in array
  if element > biggest
    second_biggest = biggest
    biggest = element

which, if I get this right, is O(n).

But, estergones claims O(logn).

However, every value must be inspected at least once, and that's all that the above does so I can't see how the O(logn) is faster / does less work in this case.

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If the largest element is in array[0], isn't the second largest in array[1] or array[2]? Since every node is greater or equal than it's two sons (and by transitivity, greater or equal than all its descendants).

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If one draws up a tournament-bracket (assume the number of teams is a power of two) and assumes that a better team will always beat an inferior one, then the best team will play against (and beat) lgN teams; the second-best team will always be one of those. Note that finding the second-place team will always require lgN-1 comparisons, but if one wishes to improve the average performance of finding the third-best team, have the first two teams beaten by the best team play each other, have the winner of that play the third team, etc.

The third-best team will be one which was beaten by the second-best team (either before or after the second-best team was beaten by the best). There will either be lgN or lgN-1 of these (most likely the former) so lgN-1 comparisons will suffice to find the third-best team.

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